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Inspection & Qualification Services

photoField service structural inspections are offered by a team with over 50 years of experience in the industry. American Welding Inspections's experienced personnel are respected for their integrity and recognized by all the relevant inspection authorities. Our services are available to the following market sectors: nuclear / energy, space and aerospace, petrochemical, automotive, construction, transport, defense and general engineering. American Welding Inspections's inspectors are qualified to meet the requirements of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing Practice SNT-TC-1A specifications. Each nondestructive examination is performed to the requirements of major Codes, including the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes, the ASME/ANSI Codes for Pressure Piping, the American Petroleum Institute Codes, American Welding Society Standards and military specifications where applicable.


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NDT Services

At American Welding Inspections, a team comprising of expert inspectors and welders, Ultrasonic Flaw detection, Magnetic Particle and Liquid Dye Penetrant testing, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging survey, Storage/Sphere Tank Inspection. Field service structural inspection offered for many tasks.

American Welding Inspections’ experienced personnel are respected for their integrity and recognized by all the relevant inspection authorities. Our NDT services are routinely performed in the following market sectors: nuclear / energy, space and aerospace, petrochemical, automotive, construction, transport, defense and general engineering. NDT Services and Welder Certification and Procedure Qualification Services

encoreNDT Facilities

  • Kraut Krammer & Panametrics Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
  • Dye Penetrant Test
  • Eddy Current Testing Machine
  • Ultrasonic thickness gauges
  • Magnetic Yoke with AC/DC and Permanent

NDT Capabilities

  • Ultrasonic Inspection
  • Dye Penetrant
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Weld Inspection
  • Visual Inspection and Field Services
  • Portable Hardness
  • Non-Destructive Testing: ASNT Consultancy
  • Structural Steel Inspection

Welder Certification

American Welding Inspections has expanded its quality assurance and third party inspection services to include a comprehensive welder certification and welding procedure qualification program.
As part of this enhanced service offering, American Welding Inspections undertakes the following:

The welding inspector deployed at a site from American Welding Inspections will be responsible for monitoring and verifying that the following functions of the work conform in all aspects to the specific requirements of the relevant code, specification and/or standard:

  • Check correct weld procedure(s) employed.
  • Check weld procedure and welder qualifications.
  • Inspect weld profile preparation.
  • Inspect joint fit-up
  • Check filler metals and consumable materials
  • Check correct welding performance parameters observed
  • Perform visual examination upon completion of welding
  • Monitor pre and post weld heat treatment, where specified.
  • Monitor the physical examination including non-destructive test, hydrostatic test, mechanical test etc. If needed, the inspector may choose to send test coupons to the American Welding Inspections material testing laboratory or others as required.
  • Ensure that all necessary visual inspection is completed and verify that all other necessary non-destructive examinations are executed in the specified manner for the method and coverage by appropriately qualified personnel.

weldersWhen, and where, required the inspector shall employ the following equipment to aid in the performance of duties:

  • Inspection mirrors.
  • Torch or other electrical lighting facilities (permitted by safety codes eg. 24V system etc.)
  • Physical size measuring instruments such as welding gauge, rule, vernier etc.
  • Electrical parameter measuring instruments such as amp meter, voltmeter etc.
  • Temperature measuring instruments (thermometer)/aids (thermo chalk).

All American Welding Inspections welding inspectors are generally certified in accordance with the requirements of at least one of the following schemes - Certification Scheme for Weld Inspection Personnel (CSWIP), American Welding Society (AWS), and/or ASNT Level II VT/MT/PT/UT. Inspectors have the ability to interpret various standards including ASME B&PV Code, API Std. 1104 and ANSI / AWS Standards.

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The American Welding Institute offers training for both the welder and the Quality Control/Inspector/Engineer side of the business:

Technical Training

Welding School Closed.

Technical Inspection/Quality Control training at the American Welding Institute provides structured and personal training for welding professionals and persons interested in a career in the Welding Industry. Training is provided for persons requiring technical knowledge for inspection, engineering, quality control and management of welding applications.

Our Certified Welding Inspector led courses are designed to provide the technical knowledge of welding technologies through classroom lecture and discussion and hands on inspection through laboratory demonstration and practice. These classes are not designed to teach the participants to weld, but rather have a base understanding of the welding processes.

Courses to be offered include:

  • Arc Welding Inspection & Quality Control
  • Fundamentals of Visual Inspection
  • Liquid Penetrant & Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Preparation For AWS - CWI/CWE Examination
  • Preparation For AWS - CWS Examination
  • Preparation For Recertification of CWI
  • Weldability of Metals: Ferrous & Nonferrous
  • Welding for the Non-Welder
  • Welding Instructor Course
  • Welding Technology & Blueprint Reading
  Welder Training

Welding School Closed.

The American Welding Institute teaches both classroom and hands on applications of welding techniques and manipulative skills required for each of the major welding processes.

Hands on Welding technique are stressed with the required welding theory to allow students the ability to perform welding in accordance with industry standards. The majority of training is done hands on in our new weld training facility.

  • Program 1 - Combination Structural & Pipe Welding
  • Program 2 - Structural Welding
  • Welding Technology & Blueprint Reading
  • Oxyacetylene Welding & Cutting
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding Advanced - Structural
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding Advanced - Pre Pipe
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding Pipe 2G & 5G Positions Uphill
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding Pipe 6G Position Uphill
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding 2" Pipe Uphill
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding Pipe Downhill
  • Pipe Layout For Fitters & Welder
  • Fluxed Cored Arc Welding
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Titanium
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Pipe - 2" diam. sched. 80
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding / Shielded Metal Arc Welding - Pipe
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding - Advanced
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding - Pipe
  • Weldability of Metals: Ferrous & Nonferrous
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